Introduction of Laboratory

The laboratory is an open-lab format, with one large space shared by several laboratories.

Work Room

This room contains office desks for students and staff. There are two conference rooms in the back.

Conference Room

It can be used by anyone who makes a reservation, and is used for discussions and meetings with students, students taking online classes, etc.

Experiment Room

Each person will be assigned a dedicated experimental desk in one compartment.

Lab Ranch (2024.3)

I went to a restaurant near Ochanomizu for a pasta lunch.

Group photo of the lab (2024. 3)

ZHANG JIAYAN newly joined our lab, so we took a group photo.



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Molecular and Mechanistic Immunology

Tokyo Medical and Dental University

1–5-45 Yushima building3, 9th floor Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8510, Japan

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